Way to make the most of the laptop you already have

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Consumer envy continues to be a major selling point when it comes to anything electronics. You know how it goes. No sooner do you buy a latest techie device you thought you couldn’t live without than a better, updated model hits the store shelves. That trend will continue, as there is no shortage of enhancements, features, upgrades, and longer life in the burgeoning consumer electronics area.

This fact is particularly true when it comes to laptops. Everywhere you turn, new laptops, notebooks and netbooks are debuting that are lighter, brighter, and have a slew of new options. Of course, a longer battery life is a selling point as well.

But since most of us cannot buy an upgrade every time one is introduced, we typically need to make do with what we have—for a while, anyway. If you have a laptop that doesn’t have the Acer Aspire 3690 battery life you crave, it doesn’t mean you have to get a new laptop. Rather, consider these basic pointers on improving battery life.

  1. Lower the brightness. Most people keep their screen at a bright setting for optimal viewing, but the truth is that it is one of the biggest power drains on your laptop battery. The brighter the screen, the shorter the time between charges. With that in mind, simply dimming it to a still-acceptable level will add quality time before you need to power up again.
  2. Turn off any features you aren’t currently using. A good case in point is the internet. If you don’t need to surf the internet, then a battery-saver would be to make sure you aren’t needlessly creating drain. The same holds true with any programs you have running in the background. It’s easy enough to turn on the programs when you need them and then close them when you don’t. It’s just a matter of creating that consumer discipline so you remember to do that.
  3. Set your battery setting to “power saver.” This lowers your CPU’s clock speed. While that may not always be what you want, because it means your laptop will be slower, if you alter it to a satisfactory level you may not notice the difference while saving on HP 484784-001 notebook battery life.

ZZ49A9061F.jpgAlso consider keeping a backup laptop battery on hand so that when your current battery no longer does the job you require then make it your emergency backup and get yourself a high performing, new battery to keep you powered up.

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