Best New iPad Apps: Digg news articles, easy voice translation, Oracle's Fusion Tap

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Best New iPad Apps: Digg news articles, easy voice translation, Oracle's Fusion Tap & multimedia scrapbooks


Social news website Digg has refreshed its iOS app with a new version that now natively supports the Ipad and also comes with a new “Reading Sync” to pick up on stories you left unread.

That aside, the app does everything you expect from Digg; there’s the ability to ‘Digg’ your favorite stories and share them to Facebook, Twitter or by email or text, an opportunity to read articles offline or save pieces to your Reading List (locking into support from Instapaper and Pocket).

Furthermore, you can set the app (free, iTunes) to automatically download the latest stories when you leave the house, while there’s VoiceOver support for the blind and visually impaired


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Translate Voice

Azzure’s Translate Voice ($0.99, iTunes) is a relatively straightforward app for instantly translating what you say into up to 28 languages.

The result will be a transcription of what you sent (albeit in another language), and you can always edit this by using the iPad’s virtual keyboard. When you’re happy with the final document, this could be sent out via SMS or email.

The app supports a number of languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese, as well as many others.

It is worth noting however, that more obscure languages may offer limited support if you’re looking for voice-to-voice translation. In this case, you may be forced to input/output content using the iPad’s keyboard.

Oracle Fusion Tap

Oracle’s new Fusion Tap iPad app is ideal tool for managers looking to keep track of sales deals when out on the road.

Available to those with access to a SaaS Oracle Fusion heating elements applications account, the app enables managers to get an overview on everything from how their workers are performing and analyzing sales dashboards to keeping on top of client contracts.

Users can also peruse worker details, see how many deals have been closed and obtain customer accounts. All of this information can even be accessed when offline.

The app, which Oracle says promises to offer “productivity amplified”, is now available from the App Store.


Groosoft has announced an updated version (1.1) of productivity app Scrapnote, which allows users to create personalized scrapbooks.

The app enables you to cut and paste photos and text, insert YouTube videos and other forms of web content.

There’s also a raft of handwriting, typewriting and drawing tools, including a Quill, Marker and Highlighter, and these can be used to scribble over pasted content, new pages or on an assortment of post-it notes.

The app, which is similar to Evernote’s Skitch, is now available from the App Store for $2.99.

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