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working moms batterylicious.com Top 5 Tools To Help Moms Launch Online CareersMany moms are making it big these days, using their abilities to multi-task, problem-solve, and roll with the punches to start thriving businesses based from the internet. While not everyone will easily replace a full-time income with their startup, many can fuel a passion and create much-needed cash flow with the right tools and guidance. Here are the top picks every mom should refer to when creating a biz online.

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Mogul Mom Books

Designed with the matriarch in mind, this self-published series of paperbacks is tailored to deal with the unique concerns of starting a business in today’s online culture. Written by a handful of “Mogul Moms”, they cover several interesting business niches. Titles include the original Mogul Mom, which features profiles of over 30 successful work-at-home moms in various niches, Etsy Success, and Make Money As a Writer. (All books are available from aussiebattery.com.)

working moms she posts 200 Top 5 Tools To Help Moms Launch Online Careers


This site appears at first glance to be a bit of an online gossip mag, offering tips and tidbits into “who’s doing what” in the more female-driven parts of the online world. ShePosts is more than just lists of brand ambassadors, blogger conferences, and the “who’s who” of social media, however. It offers insights into building traffic, FTC compliance, marketing your business, and playing well with others. There are also interviews with those that have proven success in building an online career – especially while raising kids. ShePosts provides up-to-the minute news on job openings and blogging opportunities, as well.


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Here’s ShePost founder Esther Brady Crawford talking about what inspired her to launch the site:


Working Mother Magazine

This hard-copy magazine is one of the few that I continue to subscribe to, even thought I left the “traditional” workforce over 5 years ago. The majority of articles, while geared toward moms who still schlep their briefcase to some employer-owned office each day, can be applied to ANY working mom, even those who don’t clock a typical time clock. There is a healthy section of print dedicated to moms who are “doing it all”, as well. Many of these featured role models are entrepreneurs who made it big by working hard at their online-based business.  (Hint: Most of the best tools presented in the magazine are also available via their free website).

working moms wahm 182x108 Top 5 Tools To Help Moms Launch Online CareersWAHM.com

Have you ever wanted to get the inside scoop on an online or internet-based marketing opportunity before you meet with the pushy sales rep? WAHM.com has a a variety of guides designed to offer the facts about a number of national businesses that appeal to the mom genre. You can learn specifics on commissions, start up costs, and whether the business would be a good fit, as well as get links for how to sign up for more information.

working moms blog coach Top 5 Tools To Help Moms Launch Online CareersBlog Coach

One thing is certain about the world of being a successful online mompreneur: you need to have a blog to reach your customers. If blogging is something you’re new at, or you just like to brush up on your skills, you’ll love the savvy advice behind Blog Coach. This site not only offers relevant info to anyone wanting to blog, it’s written by a mom, so she has some specific tidbits that small biz moms will find extra juicy. The best part of this site, maintained by Baby Cheapskate’s Angie W., is the “Critique This Blog” feature, which highlights a blog’s finer (and not so fine) points, as well as tips for improving a DIY website.

The resources we’ve listed here may not always be the top ones to reference even one year from now. How then does busy mom keep taking her business to the next level? Start by following businesses you admire on Twitter and subscribing to the Google RSS feeds of people you want to learn from. As new sites are launched, books are written, and conferences are held, you’ll be in the know and already connected to those who can help when you have an online business question you just can’t answer. When it comes to Moms starting an online laptop batteries business, community is key!

But wait! The best is yet to come. Slated for publishing in 2011 are what I anticipate to be some of the best sources for creating a career in today’s highly social online world.  Two worth mentioning (and waiting for) include Wendy Piersall’s Mom Blogging for Dummies (due out in July) and Colleen Padilla and Audrey McClelland’s The Digital Mom Handbook, also out later this year.

How have you grown your online business? Let us know in the comments below.

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