Vlingo Virtual Assistant App helps you out with daily boring stuff

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Vlingo Virtual Assistant App (Free) – Android & iOS

Think virtual assistant, personal search engine and GPS navigator all rolled into one. Vlingo Virtual Assistant App helps you out with the daily boring stuff which needs to be done. Send a text message via voice by speaking your actual message into the app. Get the latest weather information for virtually any city on the planet or just find the closest local coffee shop to you.

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Its simple user interface and slick navigation makes the app very easy to use and on the eyes. Here are some screenshots of what I used the app for recently.

L-R: A voice search for “coffee shops” in the area and “weather in Galapagos”

L-R: Sending a voice text message.

L-R: Click on steering wheel on right side of car to activate the hands free car options.

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  • Send text messages and emails.
  • Voice dial you contacts
  • Search the web. Results will be displayed via Google search.
  • Find local restaurants, shops and other businesses.
  • Get directions. App can also navigate you to point of destination.
  • Update your status on Facebook or Twitter and check in with foursquare.
  • Get answers to any random question. Results will be displayed via Google search.
  • Buy movie tickets and book hotel rooms.
  • Open other apps.

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