Upgrade notebook to increase laptop battery life instructions

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Upgrade your laptop to increase battery life

laptop battery storeBatterylicious asked the Laptops forum about upgrading a portable computer.


You have very few options here. Laptops just aren't that upgradable. While a desktop PC is basically a collection of off-the-shelf laptop parts in a big, easy-to-access box, each laptop model is a unique jigsaw puzzle, with many of the pieces designed for that model, and all tightly-packed to reduce size.


But you may be able to improve your laptop:


First, consider upgrading your RAM. To find out, download and run the Crucial System Scanner. After a few seconds, this little program will bring you to a web page where you can see what kind of memory you have, what upgrades are available, and what will work in your machine.


But be warned: Crucial, the company that runs the scanner, is in the retail business. They're not just giving you neutral information on what you can buy, they're hoping you buy it from them. Use the information wisely.


You can also, almost certainly, upgrade your storage. A newer, larger hard drive could significantly increase your laptop's capacity. Or, to take a different approach, replacing your hard drive with an SSD will speed up your computer and likely increase battery life, although it will almost certainly decrease Dell Xps m1730 Batterycapacity.


If you use your laptop a lot while sitting at your desk, consider an ergonomic upgrade--especially if you fingers, arms, or eyes ache. A full-sized keyboard, mouse, and monitor will do your body good.

Of course, this effectively turns your laptop into a desktop. But you can always unplug it from these devices when you need to take it on the road.


But there are several laptop upgrades you should think twice--or even thrice--before attempting:

You likely can't, and probably shouldn't, upgrade the CPU. There's a very good chance that the big chip is soldered in place, making the job essentially impossible. And even if it's in a regular socket, getting to that socket will require considerably more skill than it would with a desktop PC. For more on the subject, see Replace Your Laptop's CPU.

extended life laptop batteryWhat to Know Before Buying a Spare Laptop Battery Pack:

There are many laptop batteries manufacturers, and even more retailers to buy your laptop battery from. However, your biggest concern in purchasing a laptop battery will be to choose the battery that fits your computer. For this you will need to know the make and model number of your laptop; if you don't know this offhand or don't have the necessary paperwork, check the inside of your laptop's battery compartment while the computer is off and unplugged. There you should find the model number, along with some other information. You may also find the part number of your laptop battery, located on the casing of the battery itself.


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