Two New Must-Have Laptop Accessories

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Good laptop accessories are stuff that can completely change the mobile computing experience. That’s why were are always on the lookout for new and interesting add-ons for your laptop. So today we bring you two new accessories that will definitely help you get the most out of your laptop.

Almost all netbooks that are in use today have heating problems. That is not to say that they overheat but the heat is definitely enough for me to keep the laptop away from my skin lest it should get burned! This is a problem that is most commonly associated with the times when the computer is being used for processor heavy tasks such as gaming or video rendering, etc.

The high speed of modern processors and internal GPUs give off a lot of heat which results in a considerable rise in the temperature of the whole machine. Sadly enough, the generation of heat also slows down speed of the machine. As a result, one may even experience problems in viewing high quality graphics and this can be quite a bother when playing games on a notebook. One way one can avoid such a situation is by using a notebook cooler.

Cooler Master has recently introduced a new notebook cooling product called the NotePal Infinite Evo. It helps in bringing down the temperature of notebooks using the pair of fans that generate cool air that is let out through slots on the top of the device. The air cools down the bottom of the notebook. Each of the two in-built fans measure around 80mm and the device is capable of cooling notebooks that measure up to 17-inches — meaning it can cool most of the largest of mobile computing behemoths out there. To serve as an icing on the cake, the cooling device also allows the screen of the notebook to be lifted in order to offer a more comfortable viewing angle to the user. The NotePal Infinite Evo is connected to notebooks through a USB port and comes with a three-port USB hub on its side so that the user doesn’t need to compromise on the already scanty available ports on the notebook in order to accommodate the cooler. More importantly, at £30 the Evo is quite a reasonable buy.

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It’s not just Cooler Master that has come up with a cool add-on for laptops. Recently, even Altec Lansing has come out with its latest device – the Orbit USB Stereo speakers that work on notebooks. These speakers can be connected to the notebook using the notebook’s USB port and this is the connection through which the speakers receive their power supply. To make portability easier, the speakers can attach to form a singular unit that makes carrying these around a lot simpler. When they are attached to one another, the cord of the speakers gets contained within the unit. The expected price of the speakers is also £30.

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