Top Tools for Recharging Your Gadgets

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Cool-Chargers_phone_chargers.jpgPortable devices connect you to the world and provide entertainment wherever you go, but when they run out of juice it can be kind of devastating. (Okay, maybe devastating is an exaggeration, but it’s definitely inconvenient.) Luckily there are some really cool tools that making recharging your gadgets easier. Whether you’re looking for a clutter-free charging station, a great charger for when you’re on the go or one charger to rule them all, this list has got you covered.

tLight-charger.jpgtLight Charger
A charging dock doesn’t have to to be wasted space on your desk. The tLight charger for the iPod and iPhone also functions as a desk lamp and speaker. Just place your iPhone or iPod on the base of the light and it charges automatically. It also features a USB port so you can charge other devices.


USB Wall Outlet
When everything from your phone to AA Toshiba portege m500 battery can be charged via USB, it seems kind of backwards that we haven’t made USB power outlets standard yet. In the meantime, you can install a USB wall power outlet and stop powering on the laptop every time you want to charge your MP3 player.


The Sanctuary by Bluelounge
Owning a lot of devices means owning a lot of adapters, which also probably means that you’ve got quite a nest of cables under your desk. The Sanctuary by Bluelounge eliminates the nest and helps you stay organized. Available in white, black and dark wood with a faux leather inner tray, the Sanctuary makes a great option for storing all of your stuff, both analog and digital.


iDapt Universal Charger i1 Eco
When you consider car chargers and travel chargers, chances are you own more chargers than devices. Reduce the amount of chargers you need with the iDapt i1 Eco. It’s a universal charger that uses interchangeable tips for different devices. It charges up to 2 devices at once and includes a car plug.


Quirky Ray Charger
At best, traveling with a portable device means tethering yourself to a wall until you get enough juice to use it again. At worst, it means your gadget runs completely out of power. But neither of those things would happen if you had the Quirky Ray Charger. It’s a solar powered charger with a suction cup and tilting kickstand that lets you capture optimal sunlight whether you’re in a car, on a plane or walking around outside.


MiniDock for iPhone
The MiniDock for iPhone removes the cord from the equation, keeping your phone from hitting the floor. It’s great for anyone who wants to reduce clutter and cables from their counter tops and it’s especially useful in the kitchen when you want to read a recipe on your phone.

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MultiPot-Table-Lamp-Charger.jpgMultiPot Table Lamp and Charger
One of the biggest problems with charging all of your gadgets is finding a place to hide the wires. But the MultiPot Table Lamp and Charger solves this problem by providing storage for the cables in its base while your gadgets sit neatly on top. When the light is on the cables inside create an interesting silhouette.


Book Chargers
If you’re looking for an iPhone dock that blends in with your traditional decor, you’ll love these Book Charging Docks. Rich and Brenna Neeley convert vintage books into functional iPhone docks that look great on a desk or workspace. The cord stays hidden inside the book, clearing your space of unattractive cables.


Powercup Inverter
The Powercup Inverter looks like a cup of Starbucks, but it’s actually a cleverly designed charger for your car. It fits in the cup holder, plugs into the DC car outlet and lets you power up to 3 devices at once. It features 2 AC outlets and one USB port, letting you charge pretty much any device from your iPod to your laptop.


Juice Pack Reserve
If you don’t have time to charge your iPhone or iPod, the Juice Pack Reserve from mophie is a livesaver. It’s small, lightweight and fits on your keyring so a quick charge is always in reach.

Roll-Up-Travel-Charger.jpgRoll Up Travel Charger
Roll Up Travel Charger from Restoration Hardware provides a convenient and classy solution for charging your gadgets while traveling. It features a 30 pin dock connector for iOS devices, a mini USB, a micro USB and a Samsung charger. As the name implies, it rolls up to save space when not in use.

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