Top New iPad Apps: Pinterest, traveling with Kayak and social video

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Social-bookmarking star Pinterest gets an iOS makeover with the latest version of their app. It's now universal, so you can pin to your heart's content on your iPad, and the new landscape view takes full advantage of the wider screen.

Slide-out lists ease navigation, and the built-in browser lets you see a pin's original source. Pin to one of your boards from the browser, or see other pins from the same domain.


With all the video getting posted to Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter every day, keeping up is nearly impossible.


Showyou helps to cull the stream, using your Facebook and Twitter networks to find the videos your colleagues and friends are posting about. It's sort of like Flipboard for video. You can also follow other channels, and browse videos chosen by other Showyou users.

Kayak Pro

Traveling is difficult enough. Kayak aims to simplify your journeys by incorporating all your travel needs into one well-designed app.


You can browse flights, hotels, and rental cars right in the app, and booking a hotel is as easy as a few clicks. There's an integrated flight tracker to keep you on schedule, and the terminal maps for over 100 airports can keep you from missing a crucial connection.


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