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n the last revive dead laptop battery article, we know how to revive dead laptop battery with temperater changing its cell
active. Now let me introduce another method to revive your dead laptop battery.

Here is a way to revive your old battery pack. Usually the laptop battery is the first part to break. On older laptops a new battery pack can cost more than the PC itself, so buying a new one is no option.

I have had different results with different battery packs, but the usual is a 50-70 % increase in time running on batteries. My personal experience is that NiMh batteries are much easer to rejuvenate than LiIon.

There are no guarantees and you might end up destroying your Battery pack. It might even explode, so continue at your own risk.


Revive laptop battery Step 1 - Drain the battery

Remove the AC adapter and let it run until the VGP-BPS2 battery is completly empty. You can turn off all power saving features to speed things up. When it goes in to sleep mode, try to turn it on until you get no response at all.

Revive laptop battery Step 2 - Drain the battery even more

Using a low wattage 12v lamp (car brake light for example), you can empty the battery pack even further. Check the voltage of your battery pack, and use a lamp with a suitable voltage. Remember not to use a lamp with too high wattage as this could damage your batteries.  Also, be careful not to short circuit. You will need to figure out where the ground and + voltage is. On this IBM thinkpad batterypack they are located on the opposite corners in the connector.


Paperclips are ideal to connect the lamp to the VGP-BPS5 battery connector.

Let the lamp shine until you see it going slightly dimmer. It is important not to drain it too much (especially Li-Ion).


Revive laptop battery three:  If you are the cautious type, you can hook up a multimeter and measure the voltage. I usually don’t like to bother, but you can calculate how much you can drain (Skip if if you don´t care that much):

For example if your battery has 9,6 Volts printed on it:

9,6 / 1,2 = 8 cells

8 x 0,6 = 4,8 V.

So, it’s safe to drain this 9,6 V pack to 4,8 V.

Step 3 - Recharge

Now it’s time for the for the fun part. I like to log just about everything to track the results. If you like that too, just download and run apmmowin before inserting the latitude D600 battery. The output can be redirected to a file like this:

apmmowin > cycle1.txt

Recharge to 100%, and repeat from Step 1.

Before the discharge / Recharge cycles the battery time fell drastically from 60% to 10%. Afterwards the drop has dissapeared and the discharge rate is much more constant.


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Revive laptop battery

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