Providing Proper Care for your Laptop Battery to Increase its Lifespan

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Almost all batteries will run out when it is used frequently. The same thing will also happen with the 6 cell and 12 cell lithium batteries. This is the most advanced batteries available in the market today. These kinds of batteries are also the batteries usually used in laptop computers or mini laptop computers. Most laptop computer manufacturers compete with each other that the battery installed in their product has more battery life spans which could last effectively for many years or even decades.
Unluckily, this has no truth at all especially if you do not have the knowledge to the proper care and maintenance of the laptop computer. In reality, any kind of battery will have an exact amount of charging cycles. Once this battery charging cycles run out, it will eventually fail to function and that is the time that you will purchase a brand new battery and replace the old battery. However, as a computer user, you have the choice and chance to lengthen the life of the battery by following the steps below.

Avoid plugging the power cord while your battery is fully charged

Most of the laptop computer users do not have the knowledge about the effects of the power source plugged in the laptop power. According to the ideas of the experts if your battery pack is charged because it keeps accumulating heat and power and its battery life will be reduced. To avoid this thing just plug the power source to the laptop battery. If you want to use your laptop computer while it is fully charged just simply remove the battery while the power source is plugged in.

Store your laptop battery properly
When your laptop computer or battery is not yet in use, always make sure that you properly store your battery. Do not place the laptop battery in hot places or where the light of the sun can hit the battery directly. The best place to place and store your laptop batteries or any other kinds of batteries is in dry and cool places.

Drain the charge of your laptop battery completely before charging
The charge cycles of the laptop batteries are just limited, it is compulsory that you take care of these cycles. You can only to this battery lengthen activities once it is fully drained. For example, you charged your laptop battery in full. Remove the laptop plug and use the power before recharging it again. Make sure that you use your battery on a 90% drained before recharging it again to maximize the limitation of the battery charging cycles which increases battery service life.

Maximize the power consumption
All types of operating systems like Linux, Mac, and Windows contain features that provide you setting on the power or battery of your laptop. Full power settings of the laptop battery will greatly drain its battery charge. However, you have the choice to set it to a balanced or economy setting which can save you more battery charge as well as its limited charge cycles

Configure the consumption of power on the components
Lots of newest models today provides configuration on the power usage of the different components of the laptop computer like the video card, processor, and motherboard. You can set the other configuration through accessing in the BIOS interface. You can access this on the start up of the computer system.

Providing Proper Care for your Laptop Battery to Increase its Lifespan

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