Professor Develops Laptop Battery Life Extension Technology

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Maximize Battery Power batteries 300x187 Professor Develops Battery Life Extension TechnologyWe often write about different smartphones, apps, or accessories that are really cool, but none of them are the most important part of mobile technology. The most important part of mobile technology is the batteries that enable the device to run so that we can do all of the things we like to do with them. Do you think the iPad would be nearly as popular if its smartphone battery only lasted four hours?

Unfortunately, not much has changed with batteries over the last decade or so, therefore in order to increase the time which mobile devices can run hardware and software companies spend a lot of time managing the parts of the device like the screens that consume power. A University of Michigan professor has developed a technology called E-MiLi that increases battery life by putting devices in what is dubbed a “subconcious mode.”

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When you press the power button on smartphones you see the screen turn off, but device usually continues to use the radios at full power. E-MiLi causes the radio in smartphones to operate at one-sixteenth its normal operating speed and only goes back to full capacity when receiving data, thus reducing power consumption. According to Professor Kang Shin E-MiLi is capable of improving battery life by as much as 54 percent.


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