Make Money Online 5 Alternative Fun Ways

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Tired of boring daily work? Why not try some other (fun) ways to earn a little bit of money? You won’t need any special skills or resources: just a bit of free time to earn some cash daily. 

1. How to Earn Money from Your Pictures

shareapic 5 Alternative Fun Ways to Earn Money Online

ShareAPic pays you cash if you are good at sharing your pics uploaded to the service; the details:

  • Get paid $0.22 per 1000 pic views;
  • Pay out within 30 days
  • Payments via PayPal
  • Alternative prizes: gift certificates from Amazon and eLuxury

2. How to Earn Money With Your Knowledge

justanswer 5 Alternative Fun Ways to Earn Money Online

JustAnswer pays its experts for answers the provide to the random user.

  • Earn 50% (25% if you are new) of what a customer is offering for an answer;
  • Payout threshold: $20
  • Payments via PayPal

3. How to Earn Money with Online Coupons

buxr 5 Alternative Fun Ways to Earn Money Online

Buxr offers you the way to earn money by sharing online coupons and deals. If you found a great deal, share it on Buxr, create compelling title and description and hope the community will find it useful.

  • Daily prizes: $10 and monthly prizes: over $100
  • Alternative prizes: mugs.

4. How to Earn Money by Participating in Social Networks

mylot 5 Alternative Fun Ways to Earn Money Online

MyLot is a social media community that pays its members for being active: participating in discussions, sharing photos, refer friends, etc.

  • Payment threshold $10
  • Payments via PayPal

5. How to Earn Money by Completing Simple Tasks

turk 5 Alternative Fun Ways to Earn Money Online

Amazon Mechanical Turk pays you money for completing "HITs" – Human Intelligence Tasks – simple tasks which are either impossible to do for a machine or work as a machine enhancer (a good example of such a task is Google image labeler which helps to improve Google image search).

Sample HITs: answer the question "Are these two products the same?" or complete the easy task: "Find the item number for the product in this image."

  • Rates depend on hits;
  • Payments via Amazon Payments account

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