Laptop Battery Safety Tips and how to buy advise

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To get maximum use out of your laptop battery there are a few things to keep in mind :

  • Always keep laptop batteries in an original packaging until new laptop battery is ready to use to prevent damages to laptop battery
    for example swelling and leakage of chemical element from your laptop batteries.
  • Always use compatible and high quality laptop batteries and laptop chargers.
  • Pay attention to Battery voltages and never use different voltage Batteries for your laptop. To avoid laptop damage, never use batteries with different
    voltages in the laptop .
  • One should purchase manufacturer recommended products and accessories if possible. If you are not sure about whether a replacement laptop
    Battery is compatible with your laptop battery then it is always good to contact the manufacturer of the laptop battery and confirm with them before
    Buying laptop battery.
  • Do not put a high pressure on laptop battery as high pressure can cause an internal short-circuit leading to overheating of your laptop battery.
  • do not get laptop battery wet. Even though laptop battery can dry and operate normally afterwards, the interlay laptop battery circuitry could corrode and
    can pose a hazard.
  • You should properly recycle your old laptop batteries either by contacting your manufacturer or local recycling bodies.
  • Never accumulate used laptop batteries. It’s better to dispose your used and unwanted laptop batteries on a regular interval.
  • Always follow laptop battery usage, storage and charging guidelines found in the user’s manual.
  • One should remove laptop batteries from laptop if laptop os going to be unused for long term. This would prevent laptop battery leakage
  • Never mix new and old laptop batteries in laptop unit as old batteries would get charged by new batteries, forcing the old laptop batteries into
    Voltage reversal and may cause venting.
  • Try to Increase the life of laptop battery by strictly following the directions given by your laptop battery manufacturer for using laptop battery.

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plumbing 02/26/2012 16:11

Never force a plug into an outlet if it does not fit – and never remove the third prong from a plug to allow it to fit into an outlet.

Computer Repairs Melbourne 12/16/2011 13:55

This post is really informative. 2-3 days before my laptop battery got crashed. please tell me what to do ?
Looking forward for your reply.