HTC One X battery life boosted 10-20% with Tegra 3 power management fix

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HTC One X extended life battery boosted 10-20% with unofficial Tegra 3 power management fix

While putting the final touches on the HTC One X software, HTC’s developers managed to place an application in the wrong directory, causing some issues for the Tegra 3 power battery management software on the HTC Style Phone. The misplaced NvCPLSvc.apk file was discovered in the /system/bin folder by mike1986 while developing a custom ROM for the HTC One X. To correct HTC’s mistake, users can push the file to /system/app via ADB. Those who have already tried this fix are reporting a 10-20 percent improvement in battery performance on the HTC One X.


Over the past few days, we’ve heard rumors that HTC has been prepping an update for the HTC One X to enhance its Acer aspire 4720 battery performance. There’s no guarantee that HTC’s fix will address this specific issue, but we’d definitely understand if you don’t want to take fate into your own hands when an official fix may only be days away.


For detailed instructions on how to apply this battery fix on your own, check out the source link below. If you do give it a try, leave us a comment and let us know if your Acer aspire 9300 battery life on your HTC One X gets any better.

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