How Wndows 8 driving the future of Tablets

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You may be confused about how Microsoft who is working hard to survive can turnaround and drive the tablet innovation. Yes, this seems nearly impossible to achieve. But there is another side to the story.

The true benefit of Windows 8 is the dual personality the operating system is offering. So Manufacturers and developers can plan on hardware and software for various customer base with much ease if they chose Windows 8 as the core. With the high adaptation of tablets, the sales of tablets and PCs are already in danger. So companies are coming up with these ultrabooks which are somewhere in between tablets and laptops. There is the other kind as well, like Asus's way of dealing the demand. A tablet with keyboard attachment - within moments a tablet can transform into a laptop. Our prediction is the Asus method will be the winner in the future. People do not want to purchase two devices - if they can get the utility of both by buying one. So at home or whenever needed, a tablet can turn itself into a laptop, we think customers will support that model better. So Windows 8 with its native support for both touch and keyboard support, is a well suited now for this model. We think this will create a good competition in the tablet/laptop field which can be helpful to customers in terms of price and features.  

BONUS: A Tour of Windows 8 and Metro

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Start Menu

Here’s what greets you every time you log into your Windows 8 machine. Yes, the tiles are customizable, though it’s a little unwieldy in practice.


Sharing in Metro

Sharing is arguably Metro’s most powerful feature. Although the sharing option is only populated with Mail right now, once Windows 8 apps get going, you’ll see options here like Facebook, Twitter and all the rest — in every app.

Finance Metro App

Many apps, like the native Finance app, look beautiful in Metro.

Traditional Desktop

You can still get back to the familiar desktop anytime you want in Windows 8. Note the absence of a Start button, which you get to by mousing into the lower-left corner.

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