How to Take Care of Your Laptop Battery

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Have you any idea how to prolong the life of your laptop battery? If in case you do not have any clue on doing this, then it’s time that you do. The laptop battery is very crucial for a laptop because it is the very component that makes your laptop portable. Seriously, with a battery you won’t even get to move easily because your laptop is stuck with a wire to plug in for power. Therefore, if the mobility of your laptop is severely important for you, then you should take good care of the laptop’s battery. A laptop battery is notable because of its capacity to store huge sums of electricity in its very small size, that’s why it is also very expensive. And you don’t want to buy batteries all the time because of the cost.

Dear reader, listed below are some of items you need to remember if you wish for your laptop battery to last longer than its expected life duration:


1) Date of Manufacturing

The manufacturing date is the most telling sign if you should buy a particular laptop battery or not. The basic principle for the battery’s manufacturing date is this: the earlier the date, the better the storage power. If you were to choose between a 2 year old – battery between a battery that was manufactured a month ago, there is certainly no contest – you choose the newly made battery.

2) Always Choose a Branded Battery
Laptop batteries are one of those electronics devices that you should buy as an original. Do not ever buy imitations or China-grade batteries because they do not only work well, they can also pose damage for your laptop! They might irregularly distribute electricity to your laptop, making it function poorly, and on a worst case scenario, your laptop will probably melt. Better yet, choose a battery that is the same as the brand of your laptop to be sure it is compatible.

3) Never Fall Below 10%
Do not ever let your battery capacity fall over 10%. This can seriously damage your battery and can lose at most 20% capacity in one swoop. When your battery levels come to 20, 15%, always turn it off immediately or put it too sleep.

4) Unplugging Consistently
While plugging your laptop at all times isn’t necessarily a bad thing (in fact it is a great thing to do), the battery should also do its job and discharge some of its energy so that it is continually cooled down, so unplug from time to time.


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How to Take Care of Your Laptop Battery

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