How to Store Laptop Battery

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Laptop batteries are so important to those one who always outside working because the laptop batteries are have limited use times.Though they can use for about half of one year,we can optimizate the laptop battery to make it live longer.Today,I would tell the laptop battery store tips,and I hope it would help you.

1,The recommended storage temperature for most batteries is 15°C (59°F).
Carried out during lead-acid batteries must be fully charged, nickel and lithium are synthetic chemicals must be stored (SoC) with 40% state of charge. This level minimizes age-related loss of capacity but the battery lasts very functioning with some self-discharge.While the open terminal voltage of nickel-based batteries can be used to quantify levels of SoC voltage suitable for fuel cell lithium-ion batteries. However, the differences being in electrochemistry electrodes and electrolyte between the producers, the voltage profile slightly. An SoC is 50% reads 3.8V, 40% 3,75 V. Store lithium-ion batteries for the open circuit voltage of 3,75-3.80 V. Leave the battery after a rest 90 minutes before reading.

2,The battery is an electrical storage facility. The batteries do not have electricity except tdey. What are the chemical battery, electrical energy must be stored or released. In rechargeable batteries TDI process can be repeated several times. Batteries are not 100% effective - some will abandon the power lost as heat and chemical reactions during the loading and unloading. If you use 1000 watt, a battery, can get 1200 watt or more to fully recharge. Slower charging and discharging rates are more effective. A battery of 180 Ampere-hours at 6 hours could be given a power rating of 220 Ah at 20 hour rate, and the evaluation of 260 Ah at 48 hours. Performance of a typical lead-acid battery is 85-95% in alkaline and rechargeable Ni-Cd batteries is approximately 65%.

3,We recommend it to a clean, dry, cool place away from heat and metal objects.(The suitable temperature is about 15°C).Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-ion Self-will discharge during storage, although the suspension before use.

4,Before storage, you must confirm battery of your laptop is not completely exhausted. If empty, charge for 30 minutes

5,Usually a lithium ion battery should be maintained in approximately 40% of the charge, because laptop battery self-discharge of the battery storage can be broken.

6,Use soft and dry cloth to clean your battery after using it.

7,Never leave a nickel battery sits on a charger for more than a few days. Prolonged trickle charge causes crystalline formation (memory).

8,Maintaining a lead-acid battery in full charge state. Observe the open terminal voltage and recharge the battery every 6 months or as recommended by the manufacturer.


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How to Store Laptop Battery

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