How to Repair a DELL M9014 Laptop Battery

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    dell rn9014 battery
    Download the IBM TP390/390e/390x series laptop battery refresh program.Restart your computer.
  2.  Press F8 to enter boot menu and select safe DOS mode.
  3. Download the file. Implement the battery refresh program isbr0lww, exe; read the warning message, insert the floppy disk as required. Then press the Enter key to implement the self-extracting operation.
  4. Boot the floppy disk on the computer. The screen appears Starting, PC-DOS. . . Message.
  5. Promptly unplug the AC power. The program will automatically be on the Ni-Mh battery discharge. When the discharge is completed, the system will automatically shut down.
    • The battery temperature is high at this time, should not immediately start, after the battery cool for a while, plug the AC power.
  6. Boot the computer with a floppy disk. The Autoexec. bat file will automatically run the refresh program, and ask the user whether to proceed. Select yes, press the Enter key.
  7. At this point, refresh process began to refresh the battery. The process will complete soon, then return to DOS prompt A:> when that refresh is complete.
  8. Shut down the computer. Charge the battery until the light turns green.
  9. Repeat the above procedure three times to get the best results.

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How to Repair a DELL M9014  Laptop Battery

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