How to Boost Toshiba Satellite Laptop Battery Power

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Time and use can take a toll on your Toshiba Satellite battery. This can result in a decrease in battery life. While once you may have been able to power your laptop for three hours using only battery power, now you can only power your laptop for two hours, or even less. Recalibrating or reconditioning your battery can provide a needed boost to the battery and help restore some of the lost efficiency.



1. Press the “Power” button once to turn the Toshiba Satellite notebook on. Gently disconnect the AC power adaptor from the side of the notebook.

2. Leave the laptop computer on, running on battery power, until the Toshiba PA3399U-2BAS Battery is completely drained.

3. Insert the AC power adaptor jack into the power adaptor outlet. Plug the opposite end of the cord into an electrical outlet. The charging indicator light on the front of the laptop will illuminate, indicating the battery is charging. Allow the Toshiba Satellite A200 Battery to fully charge. The process should take four to six hours, depending on whether you have a six cell or eight cell Toshiba laptop battery.

4. Remove the AC power adaptor. Repeat the charging/discharging process one to two more times.

What to Know Before Buying a Spare Laptop Battery:

There are many laptop batteries manufacturers, and even more retailers to buy your laptop battery from. However, your biggest concern in purchasing a laptop battery will be to choose the battery that fits your computer. For this you will need to know the make and model number of your laptop; if you don’t know this offhand or don’t have the necessary paperwork, check the inside of your laptop’s battery compartment while the computer is off and unplugged. There you should find the model number, along with some other information. You may also find the part number of your laptop battery, located on the casing of the battery itself.

How to Choose a Replacement Laptop Battery:

When buying a laptop battery pack, you will probably only have one or two choices that fit your computer. Choose the Acer as07b31 battery with the longest life available for your computer. There are several different kinds of laptop batteries; because the technologies of each are very different, a laptop must be designed specifically for the type of battery it uses. Most laptops are only designed to use one type of battery technology. have the largest range of Dell Laptop Battery and Toshiba Laptop Battery in Australia. Carry HP Laptop Battery, Asus Laptop Battery and HP Laptop AC Adapters for over 20,000 different laptops. All our laptop batteries and laptop power adapters are Brand New, Manufacturer Warranty and Customer Service Commitment!

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