How to Backup Your WordPress Blog Database, Files to Dropbox

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Dropbox is one of the best cloud service and most of the bloggers and webmasters are using the service these days to take the backup of important files and database. Now you can also backup your WordPress blog files and database easily on your Dropbox account. For all this you need a WordPress blog, a WordPress plugin and a free Dropbox account.


wpTimeMachine is one of the best WordPress plugin which helps you to backup your entire WordPress blog to your Dropbox account. Yes the entire WordPress blog, it will take the backup of all your WordPress files, themes, plug-ins, images and database also. You can also use this WordPress plugin to backup your blog to your Amazon S3 Services or another FTP server. So below is the tutorial which helps you to take the complete backup of your WordPress blog on the cloud.

Wordpress Backup to Dropbox

How to Backup Your WordPress Blog to the Cloud

1. Download and Activate ‘wp Time Machine’ plugin in your WordPress blog.

2. Now go to the Setting page of your WordPress Dashboard and click the wp Time Machine Setting to configure the WordPress plugin.

3. Now enter the details of your Dropbox login info and password with the directory name, where you want to save your Backup files.

Dropbox Account details

Dropbox Account details

4. After filling all your details hit the Generate wp Time Machine archive button, to start the backup process. Please wait while your files & data are being archived.

Wordpress Backup in Progress

WordPress Backup in Progress

5. Now within a minutes your backup is completed and you will receive a notification on your WordPress windows that “Your Toshiba Satellite A200 Battery archives have been completed.”

wordpress backup complete

wordpress backup complete

6. Thats it! Now its time check your Dropbox account to see the backup files. Here is the screenshot of our dropbox account.

Dropbox Account

Dropbox Account

7. Now you can see your Backup folder on your Dropbox Account. Now open the folder and you can see all your WordPress blog files there. See the screenshot below:-

Wordpress Backup Files on Dropbox

WordPress Backup Files on Dropbox

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