Freezing my Macbook Pro Laptop Battery

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My first generation Macbook Pro (MBP) battery has been dead for well over a year.  After it wasn’t able to hold a charge for a minute, I threw it in my ‘drawer of despair’ and left it for dead.  12.jpg

As a result, I purchased a new non-Apple licensed battery that was suppose to hold 6 hours + battery life.  And for the first two weeks, it did a great job!  However, if you don’t cycle through the battery a few times, the battery charge won’t be as substantial as when you first received it.  So, my second battery is about to die, and I am very hesitant in purchasing a new $100 battery.  There has GOT to be cheap way to revive my dead and dying batteries.

Google: dead battery, laptop, fix.


Okay, here is the point to my article.  I was looking up ways to bring back to life my battery.  And I found a number of articles talking about ‘freezing laptop battery’ and how it ‘won’t’ hurt if you battery is already dead.  So, here is my how to article that brought my battery back to life…

(*Please note that if you have a decently working battery, don’t try this out.  My battery was completely dead.  It only could hold battery life for about 5 minutes)

  1. Find your dead battery, wrap it in some newspaper, and then a freezer bag so that it doesn’t have too much condensation.
  2. Put your battery in the freezer for 4 days or so.
  3. After the fourth day, remove the entire package and allow it to come to room temperature in the newspaper and freezer bag.
  4. After about one to two hours, you can take it out of the packaging and wipe away any extra condensation or debris.
  5. Plug into you turned off laptop and proceed to charge.
  6. Charge for a 24 hour period.
  7. Be patient.

At this point, if you battery holds a charge you can get anywhere from 30 minutes to one hours worth of battery.  Which, for my situation, is great!

You should try to cycle your battery once or twice (cycling, is letting the laptop turn off because your battery is about to lose all of the energy and then charging it until full before you use it) so that you can start using it normally.

Good luck!  Let me know if it works for you.


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Freezing my Macbook Pro Laptop Battery


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