Facebook Messenger Now Has Better In-App Notifications

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Facebook has definitely been in the news these past few days, whether positively (Facebook comments can now be edited) or negatively (Facebook switches all e-mail addresses to Facebook addresses). If that weren’t enough, Facebook also found the time to release a new version of their official Facebook Messenger for both Android and iPhone. The new version, 1.8, includes several useful updates.

The new version of Facebook Messenger introduces in-app notifications for multiple conversations. This means that not only do you get a notification when a new message is received, you can also receive it while engaged in chat with someone else. This is an important functionality for FB Messenger on its way to becoming a real IM client as you can now easily switch between your different conversations. Facebook chats can now also includes friends of friends, not only your immediate Facebook friends.

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Also added is the ability to delete individual messages from a conversation. This is done by swiping in iPhone or by tapping and holding on Android. If you’re into sharing photos using FB Messenger, that ability has now been enhanced too, with the ability to share bigger photos (as seen in all other Facebook services in the past weeks), tap for full screen and pinch to zoom. In addition to the new features, the app should also be loading faster, be more responsive, and push notifications should be more reliable.

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