Evernote 5 will soon be coming to iOS devices

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Evernote update coming soon to the iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

Evernote 5 will allow iPad users to quickly pull up recently used notes
Evernote says that Evernote 5 will soon be coming to iOS devices, with this update introducing a refreshed user interface, better multi-tasking and the ability to create ‘quick’ notes.

Following the beta release of Evernote 5 to Mac users, Phil Libin’s company announced via its official blog that the mobile version of the new software will be coming to the iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod touch “very soon”.


The company explained how it has "completely redesigned" the app with this latest version and gave a hint as what’s to come by saying that “it’s all about speed” and that “everything needs to be one or two taps away”.


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The firm was less secretive on the other features and said that Evernote 5 will introduce a ‘Quick Note’ button for creating a note with a single click, while the new ‘Recent Notes’ list will make multi-tasking easier on the iPad.

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