Dell upcoming Windows 8 tablet will break the 10.1-inch screen-size

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Dell's upcoming Windows 8 tablet will break the 10.1-inch screen-size mould, spanning a roomy 10.8 inches, according to a report. And it's targeted at business — a market that Microsoft and its coterie of Windows device makers know well.

The Dell Streak, the company's first foray into the table space.

The "Dell Latitude 10", as reported by Neowin, has some brawny, PC-like specs, including a 128GB solid-state drive and up to 2GB of memory — which, by the way, is what Dell currently offers on its 10.1-inch Latitude ST, also targeted at corporate "enterprise" customers.


A source familiar with upcoming Windows 8 tablets and hybrids told CNET today that the Dell Latitude 10, cited by Neowin, "seemed very accurate" and added that Dell is also coming out with a Windows 8 hybrid laptop/tablet aimed at consumers.


But getting back to the Windows 8 Latitude tablet. Here are some salient specs, as reported by Neowin:

  • OS: full Windows 8 operating system running on Intel

  • Display: 10.8-inches, 1366x768, capacitive, multi-touch with optional stylus

  • Processor: Intel dual-core "Clover Trail" Atom processor

  • Memory: up to 2GB

  • Storage: up to 128GB solid-state drive

  • Battery: swappable two cell/four cell 30/60 WHr

  • Cameras: dual cameras, 2.0MP front, 8.0MP rear

  • Weight: 1.57 pounds/710g

  • Thickness: 0.4 inches/10.5mm.

In case you didn't notice, a nice feature is the removable Dell Inspiron 1525 power battery. "We are hearing that the smaller battery will get six-eight hours of battery life, and the larger battery will get 10-12 hours," Neowin reported.

Michael Dell had a lot to say on Tuesday, during the company's earnings conference call, about tablets, hybrids and ultrabooks for the Windows 8 launch later this year.


"We're totally lined up with Windows 8. You'll see us introduce tablets," Dell said.

But touch-based devices won't be cheap, and business-oriented products like the Latitude tablet may be too pricey for most consumers to stomach.


"But what I can tell you is that we think that the touchscreen products will certainly cost more. They're more in the price points and price bands that we tend to operate in," Dell said.

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Tablet PC 06/06/2012 03:36

Wow, this is great! Dell got another new innovation that will beat the previous 10.1 inch into 10.8 inch tablet with windows 8 OS. Dell really did good job!