Best handy smartphone apps for health and fitness

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Soon, the weather will be warming up with the halcyon days of summer ahead — the perfect time to get back into tip-top shape. This list of handy smartphone apps will help you get your health and fitness on track.



Your best efforts may minimise the risk of sports injury, but they can't completely eradicate it. The Elastoplast sports injury management app is full of information about how to best wrap, tape and manage sports injuries.


Nike+ Running


Track your training with Nike's GPS. It records your running paths and allows you to push yourself further by tracking your ongoing training pattern. You can also create your own exercise music playlist.


Daily Ab Workout


This ab routine app is designed to tone up your tummy muscles — something we all become a bit more conscious of as swimsuit weather approaches. It contains 30 exercises with video instructions, and you can do different workout routines, depending on your pace.


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Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock


If you wake up when you're in a deep sleep, you can feel tired and irritable for the rest of the day. The Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is designed to wake you up when you are in your lightest sleep phase — when you're at your most rested and relaxed.

There's no Android version of this particular app, but Sleep as Android is designed to perform the same function.


GymGoal Plus


Keep track of your gym activities by following routines, made up of 280 animated exercise instructions. You can custom create your own routines or choose from the 52 available.


Pedometer Free GPS +


Whether you're walking or running, a pedometer can help you figure out how much exercise you're doing — and how much energy you burn doing so, if you have the right one. Pedometer Free GPS+ records your time, location, distance, elevation, speed, pace and heart rate, works as a pedometer and even has different modes for different activities — Running, Walking, Cycling, Nordic walking, Hiking, Snowshoeing, Roller-skating, Skiing, Ice skating and Skateboarding.


Noom Cardio Trainer


Noom Cardio Trainer isn't quite as all-encompassing, but it does offer the GPS and pedometer, with a heart-rate monitor and modes for various activities, such as cycling and yoga.




Exercise — and exercise by yourself — can be pretty boring. Cue Fitocracy, the program that socially gamifies your workout. It allows you to set programs, level up, unlock achievements, beat quests — and share it all with your friends. It's one of the coolest ideas for a fitness tracker we've ever seen.

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