Audi will bring In-Car Wi-Fi to 2013 A4 and A5 Model Lines

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Audi announced today that its 2013 A4 and A5 model lines will be getting a lot smarter thanks to the inclusion of the German automaker’s Audi Connect technology suite, an addition to Audi’s existing MMI Navigation Plus infotainment and telematics system.

The standard MMI Navigation Plus system includes an LCD display, MMI control logic (a touchpad with handwriting recognition), a 40GB hard drive and is powered by an Nvidia Tegra processor. So what does Audi Connect bring to the tablet computer? A whole lot actually. 

The system, which we went hands-on with at the New York International Auto Show back in April, adds 3G data connectivity to your vehicle via a T-Mobile SIM card made specifically for Audi. With that kind of connectivity, users can turn their Audis into mobile 3G hotspots for up to 8 devices.


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In addition to its hotspot functionality, Audi Connect also brings Google Maps and Earth integration, Google Voice Local Search and Internet radio. The cost for all of this connected goodness? Roughly $25-$30 per month.

Audi Connect will be available on the Audi A4 and A5, as well as their high-powered variants, the S4 and S5. Pricing for the A4 and A5 starts at $32,500 and $37,800 respectively. The S4 and S5 will cost you a bit more, starting at $47,600 and $50,900 respectively.

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