Apple TV now available in 9 new Asian countries

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When the iTunes Store opened it’s “doors” in new countries in Asia, it apparently did not do it alone. The Apple TV has also begun being sold in most of the same markets that the iTunes Store was just introduced. Looking at Apple’s online stores in that region, you will see that the Apple TV has the “New” tag above it in places such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam. Apple also has online stores for 3 more of the new iTunes sporting countries, however the Apple TV was nowhere to be found there yet.

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More of the countries that received the iTunes Store this past week (Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Macau, and Sri Lanka) do not have dedicated online stores, but can be found on the Apple TV selection page, as seen in the screenshot above. This brings the total number of countries that received the Apple TV this past week up to 9. It is unknown if the other 3 countries (Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand) included in the iTunes Store rollout will be receiving the Apple TV as well.

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