7-inch tablets a bigger threat to large screen smartphones than laptops

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Lenovo thinks Convertibles like its IdeaPad Yoga are the future of notebooks, but smaller tablets compete more directly with large screen smartphones.
Now that Apple’s kicked the market for smaller tablets into high gear with the release of the iPad mini, a key question for business and professionals is whether these devices are suitable replacements for laptops , just as some feel the fuller-sized 10-inch models are.

Lenovo’s CEO Yang Yaunqing thinks the answer is no, these smaller tablets compete more closely with large-screen smartphones rather than PCs.

"The market accepts the 7-inch tablet pc better than the 10-inch. That's a very strong signal, the tablet will not replace the traditional PC," Yaunqing said during a conference call with analysts reported by CNet.




"Probably, the tablet will compete with the large-screen smartphone rather than the PC," he added.

While Lenovo is very much in the tablet game, the company is also banking on so-called convertibles, like its recently introduced IdeaPad Yoga Windows 8 model, to replace traditional notebooks. Convertibles include a touchscreen display with the same functions as a standalone tablet.

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