5 Common Causes of Cartridge Heater Failures and Tips for a Longer Heater Life

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5 Common Causes of Cartridge Heater Failures

and Tips for a Longer Electric Heater Life

    1. Contamination: Hydraulic fluids, material and moisture have shortened the lives of more cartridge heaters than just about anything else out there.  In instances where contamination cannot be avoided, there are lead configurations that can help retard the contamination entering the heater and often, if there is a moisture problem, you can run the heater at a reduced voltage for a few minutes to reduce the chance of the element shorting to the sheath when you apply full power.
    2. Lead Failure Due To Heat: Our standard leads are only rated to 700 degrees Fahrenheit under optimum conditions.  This rating decreases with higher amperages, so often, reducing the wattage or increasing the voltage will solve the problem or you can use the CB fast heat cartridge heaterconfiguration which utilizes ceramic beads over the pin wires as insulation.high temperature resistance cartridge heater high temperature resistance cartridge heater

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    3. Lead Failure Due To Excessive Movement:  The first, easiest and least expensive fix for this is to use swaged leads rather than crimped leads.  The swaged leads are connected internally and are able to withstand bending from the point of exiting the cartridge heater while the crimped lead configuration has a solid nickel pin wire exiting the cartridge heater to which the stranded lead wire is crimped and then covered with a high temperature boot for insulation.  Another possible fix is to use flexible stainless steel hose which retards the ability of the wire to make repeated sharp bends.
    4. Improper Usage: As discussed earlier, if there is a heated part of the cartridge heater exposed to air while the rest is inserted in something conducting the heat away, the heater will fail prematurely.  If you need to have a section of the Industrial Heater exposed, you can specify a cold section when ordering your cartridge heater.
    5. Wattage or Amperage Too High: This is pretty straightforward.  The lower the watt density, the longer your cartridge heaters will function.  There’s always a trade-off with start up time and heater life.

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