5 best sites for find New Android Apps

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If you are proud owner of Android device and Looking for the new app for your Android device that fits to your mobile and fulfill all your needs. So today here we will help you to find new android app for your Android.


Here we present you 5 best sites which will help you to Find New Android Apps, in these websites you can check out the review of the app, screenshot and rating of the apps, so that will help you to find the best app for your mobile phone.

1. Official Android Site

Android market is one of the best place to Find Android app for your mobile. Android Market website lets you browse and search for great apps right from your web browser. The site has a decent list of featured and top apps with brief descriptions and screenshots each. You can also share apps with your friends through Twitter. And you can read and post app reviews directly to Android Market from the web or from your device.

2. AppBrain

AppBrain is an another way to browsing the official Android Market. This site has search, rankings, categories, screenshots, related apps and on-site commenting features. AppBrain is incredibly useful for hunting down interesting apps on a larger screen.


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3. Androlib

This site enables you to browse and discover apps for your Android phone far better than the Android Market. It also contains frank user reviews, screenshots, QR codes for download, and, when available, video demonstrations. AndroLib comes with advanced search, enabling you to find Android apps by keywords, category, pricing, minimum rating and estimated number of downloads.

4. Androidzoom

Androidzoom is one such site and it will allow you to search and send links to install apps from your computer to your phone. Here You can also choose to view the most download and most viewed applications. When you click on any app, its details are revealed. These details include a description, rating, download size, and screenshots of the app.

5. Android Apps Appolicious

Appolicious’ AndroidApps.com seems like a interesting way to get Android app recommendations and share your own thoughts. AndroidApps.com lets you login using either Facebook Connect or a Yahoo! account.

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