10 Designers to Follow on Pinterest

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Top 10 Pinterest Designers to Follow

Ask anyone what’s the hottest social network around and they’ll, no doubt, say Pinterest. The incredibly popular website recently launched a native iPad app and debuted on Android, thereby extending its reach even further. Around the same time, it opened itself up to all users so that anyone could join Pinterest, even those without a formal invite. Today, we take a look at 10 designers who’ve been using Pinterest to, not only save their favorite images, but to also share their exciting finds with the world. May their images inspire you to take on that home improvement project or just simplify your life.


1. Joy Cho/Oh Joy!

Chances are, if you’re on Pinterest, you’re already following Joy Cho, otherwise known as Oh Joy! The Los Angeles-based designer and blogger has an astounding 3 million followers. With over 6,300 pins and 65 boards, it’s no wonder why. As an early proponent of the social network, Joy has been pinning her favorite items that range from art and architecture to pattern and packaging from near its inception. If your sense of style leans more towards things that are colorful, bright and pretty, you’ll fall in love with Oh Joy’s finds.

2. Bri Emery

Graphic designer Bri Emery is behind the hip blog Design Love Fest and is also one part of the duo behind Blogshop, a workshop that teaches Photoshop specifically to bloggers. Though she has over 4,300 pins, she’s categorized them into only 14 different boards like Typography, Design Done Right and Colorfest. Come check out Bri’s pins if you’re looking for some fun ways to decorate your loft or you want to be inspired by some funky typography.

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3. Kimberly Pesch (eat.sleep.wear)

Graphic designer and fashion blogger Kimberly Pesch runs eat.sleep.wear, a personal blog where she shows off some of her most stylish finds. On Pinterest, eat.sleep.wear has over 1 million followers and over 3,200 pins, categorized into 25 neat boards. Kimberly’s love of fashion is evident in her boards Fashion, Beauty, and Personal Style which have some of the most pins, though you’ll also find a nice helping of graphic design, art and interior design inspiration here as well. If fashion design – particularly street style – is your cup of tea, you’ll want to check out eat.sleep.wear. on Pinterest.

4. Jan of Poppytalk

Like many of the Pinterest users listed here, this designer also runs a popular design blog called Poppytalk. Dedicated to showcasing works from emerging designers, particularly handmade and vintage goods from around the world, Poppytalk is a Vancouver-based design blog that’s filled with visual eye-candy. With over 1.1 million followers on Pinterest, Jan of Poppytalk is also a popular Pinterest user. She’s collected over 5,700 pins that range from Food and Entertaining Ideas to DIY and Crafts. With over 100 boards, you’ll find more than your share of inspiring ideas here. Great for those heavy into DIY or those who appreciate clean, white spaces.

5. Aaron De Simone

San Francisco-based graphic designer Aaron De Simone is one of those Pinterest users that has a keen eye for sleek architecture and modern interiors. Recently listed by Dwell as having one of the top design boards on Pinterest, De Simone is one curator to watch. With almost 700,000 followers, and over 8,000 pins, he’s an active Pinterest user that finds beauty in a wide range of things including fashion and style. In fact, though he’s received a lot of attention for his architecture board, most of his pins are related to fashion.

6. Bekka Palmer

Bekka Palmer is a designer living in Brooklyn, New York who’s a studiomate with Tina Roth Eisenberg (SwissMiss) and Maria Popova (Brain Pickings), a contributor to Oh Joy!, and a marathon runner who has her own blog called Running More Than Miles. This multifaceted person is also a popular Pinterest user with over 1.5 million followers. Her 3,400 pins are divided up into 34 boards that showcase her love for all things design including typography, graphic design and patterns.

7. Graham Smith

UK-based logo designer Graham Smith has had over 24 years of experience in the design field. Looking through his pins you can tell that he focuses on clean and imaginative design, especially when it comes to creating his own logos. For those that appreciate the cleverness or wit behind illustrations, product design or advertising, you’ll find Graham’s pins right up your alley.

8. Sally J. Shim

Busan, Korea-based designer Sally J. Shim runs a design studio that specializes in paper goods and home accessories and is also one of the people behind Shimtokk, a delightful blog about creative packaging. Looking through her pins, you’ll soon realize that Shim has a sense of style that’s all her own. Each pin feels personal yet meaningful, like her boards For the Boys or For Kids. For those planning a party, the Kids Birthday Parties board should not be missed as it’s filled with some bright and colorful ideas for the little ones in your life.

9. Gabrielle Blair (Design Mom)

This Normandy, France-based graphic designer and art director, that goes by the moniker Design Mom, has a BFA in graphic design from BYU. With two other women she started Kirtsy or what she calls “Digg for Chicks,” and every day she writes on her blog Design Mom about her life as a mother (of six) or what inspires her as a designer. In 2010, Time Magazine listed Design Mom as one of 50 best websites saying that it “show(s) that somehow you can have it all: the big family, a keen eye and creative flair.” Indeed, go check out Design Mom’s Pinterest page to see her love of all things creative – kid-related or not.

10. Leah Dent

Graphic designer Leah Dent owns a letterpress business, a design studio and a store that sells art and stationery. Based in Perth, Australia, Dent has over 800,000 followers who come to see pins on everything from egg chairs to Vespas, 1950s photography to modern day tattoos. You won’t get bored while looking through 40 boards that have a little bit of something for everyone.


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