10 best electronic gadgets of CES 2012

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Another Consumer Electronics Show has come and gone. And just like every other year, we’re left with a slew of gadgets to wade through and enjoy.

While some have criticised the show for becoming bloated and less relevant, there is no doubt entrepreneurs across the world love tuning in to see what the industry has in store.

This year, a wide array of gadgets were unveiled, with “smart” televisions and ultrabooks all the rage. But there were dozens of other great products and concepts unveiled, some more useful than others.

Some of the more fascinating included a mechanical watch that is run by a kind of pump, a robotic cameraman that can actually pan and tilt on its own, and a piece of automotive software that combines apps, weather information and Bluetooth connectivity.

There are too many great gadgets to count. But here are 10 of the best you should keep an eye on:

Acer Aspire A5


Ultrabooks have been the talk of the town this CES, and with good reason – this Acer model exemplifies just how sleek they can be.

The company started off CES by showing this model off, and subsequently wowed attendees with its features. Bragging it’s the world’s thinnest laptop, the A5 only measures 15mm at its thickest point, is powered by an Intel processor and includes HDMI and USB 3.0 connectivity.

There are plenty of ultrabooks on the market now, but the A5 sets a standard in what buyers should be looking for.

LG 55-inch OLED television


Televisions have been one of the biggest drawing cards to this year’s CES, and not just due to the “smart” software upgrades – this LG model really shows what manufacturers are capable of.

The OLED technology allowed the company to make its television ultra-thin, only 4mm at its thickest point. It’s a good look at what we can expect in the future.

Razer Project Fiona tablet


There are always a few crazy ideas that come out of CES, and this is no different. This tablet created by gaming peripherals company Razer is designed to be held like a game console, but packs as big a punch as a dedicated gaming PC.

Whether or not this will ever see the light of day on store shelves is another issue entirely, but to be sure, it’s an example of just how much gadget makers are thinking out of the box.

Roku Streaming Stick


With all the set-top boxes hitting the market, it’s understandable that some companies are beginning to offer alternatives. Roku is doing just that, offering a type of USB dongle that allows users to get all the benefits of a box without the clutter.

Users in the United States plug the Dongle into their televisions and get access to film services and video services, including Netflix. It’s a little clunkier than implemented software, like that in use by Samsung and LG, but it’s still a nifty solution.

Samsung Exhilarate


It wouldn’t CES without a few smartphones, and Samsung has delivered another praiseworthy entry here. The device features a 4-inch screen, front and rear cameras, voice recognition and LTE capability. Samsung is also promoting the phone as ecologically friendly, made from 80% recycled materials.

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Lumia 900


Windows Phone is really making a comeback, and this year’s CES saw Microsoft show off a number of new handsets powered by the software. The Lumia 900 is possibly the best of them all so far – with an 800×480 resolution, and a four inch screen, it’s a good step forward for what could be a real challenger for Android – eventually.

Bloggie Live


The Bloggie Live isn’t the most feature-packed gadget around, but it’s definitely an interesting one. This mini camcorder allows users to capture video, then directly upload it to YouTube, Facebook or Twitter on the fly. You can also stream media live if you want to, through video-sharing software.

It’s also a 12.8 megapixel camera, which words at 1080p resolution, with an LED flash and an integrated USB connector.

Galaxy Tab 7.7


Despite all of its problems, Samsung is still moving on. The 7.7 tablet is the latest in its series, and it’s impressive – 7.9mm thick, 340 grams and an AMOLED screen. With 1GB of RAM and a 1.4Ghz dual-core processor, perhaps the only disappointed is the lack of Android 4.0 in lieu of Android 3.2.

LG Z330


LG isn’t the biggest laptop manufacturer in the world, but the Z330 model shows what they can do. This 13-inch model is powered by a Core i7 processor, has HDMI ports, a USB3.0 connection and – the best part – is only 15mm thick.

Kinect for Windows

Sure, hackers may have allowed motion-control video game gadget Kinect to be used with Windows for months now, but the fact it’s being released for the PC is still an interesting development. It’s a move that shows motion-control is here to stay, perhaps not as the main focus in gaming but certainly in other ventures as well.

Some of the most interesting Kinect developments have come out of universities and young students creating experiments. It’ll be fascinating to see what else they can come up with.

And one more for the road…

Fulton Innovation Wireless Battery Charger

wireless charger - co mashable

Part of the problem with electric cars is figuring out where they’re going to charge. But Fulton Innovation has fixed all that, creating a new wireless charging technology for vehicles.

You attach part of the charger to your car, and another is installed in the floor. You just wait for the car to charge Dell inspiron 1525 extended laptop batteries, and drive away.


It’s not commercially viable yet, but still, an interesting concept nonetheless.


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